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Dans de Societate - Instr.Andrade Ursu
Credeti benefica organizarea festivalului \"NYMPHEA DANCE\"?

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Spectacol Folcloric de Craciun | 2012-12-04 10:34:00 |
Casa Tineretului - 19.12.2012 ora 18.00
Marire + Micsorare -

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Spectacol Folcloric de Craciun ZUMBA PARTY
ZUMBA Culturism
Sala Festiva Curs de dans de societate
Curs de dans Hip Hop REVELION 2012


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Dress codes: Where should schools set limits? By MARTHA IRVINE April 16, 2014 1:50 PM 0 shares Content preferences Done . Are School Dress Codes Too Strict?

dress EVANSTON, Ill. (AP) — They're called leggings — popular fashion items that are tight-fitting pants to some, and glorified tights to others.

discount designer wedding dresses Younger girls often wear them as pants with little fuss. But as those same girls approach middle school, leggings have become a clothing accessory that's increasingly controversial — and seemingly, the favorite new target of the school dress code.

Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses Sale Some schools have banned leggings outright. Others have set limits. Haven Middle School in Evanston, just north of Chicago, took what turned out to be a contentious stand: If you wear leggings, you need to have a shirt or skirt over them that reaches at least down to your fingertips.

cheap wedding dresses for sale china In other words, girls need to cover their behinds.

very cheap wedding dresses online It might seem a reasonable enough request at a time when school dress codes — and even school uniforms — are common and often supported by teachers and administrators who frequently complain about students who push the limits of good taste, and the parents who let them (and may even push those limits themselves).

cheap wedding dresses online But how far is too far? And do schools sometimes go too far in pushing back?

Judges have tended to side with schools when safety is a concern. For example, a federal court agreed with a school district in Morgan Hill, Calif., after some high school students were told not to wear American flag T-shirts on the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo in 2010. The worry was that the shirts would incite conflict with the school's many Hispanic students.

View gallery Kate McClintock, 12, left, Kate Green, 13, and Lilly Bond, 13, look at their smartphones at Lilly …

When safety isn't at issue, says Perry Zirkel, a professor of education and law at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, the courts tend to throw the cases back to the schools and parents, so they can come up with solutions together.

It's not always easy, since many people have a different notion of what's appropriate and what's not — and what's distracting, and what's not.

At Haven Middle School, there has been a lot of confusion. Just a few weeks ago, the school's own website said leggings were banned, when apparently they were not, school officials now say. Then there was the matter of yoga pants, which are tight like leggings, but flared at the bottom. Did the fingertip rule also apply to those types of pants, especially when no one could tell the difference if they were tucked into boots, which is also a popular style among teens?

The discussions at school meetings have sometimes bordered on silly. But few disagree that there are serious issues at hand here — among them, whether girls are being shamed and unnecessarily embarrassed at a time when they're already starting to feel more aware of their changing bodies.

Clearly frustrated with the debate, Haven Middle School teachers posted this statement on the school's website to explain the reasoning behind the leggings policy: "We believe, through years of experience and professionalism, that it is essential to our school's climate that we set a standard of expectation and decorum."

They denied that they acted because leggings distract boys, as has been alleged by some parents.

View gallery In this March 2014 photo provided by their families, Kamryn Renfro, 9, left, and Delaney Clements, 1 …

"The notion that girls' clothing affects the way boys learn is not, and never will be, our message," the statement said.

However, parents who've attended school meetings, and students who dislike the policy, seem most troubled by an inconsistency in enforcement. They claim that some girls are "dress-coded" more than others, perhaps because they are more physically developed. They say, for example, that they have heard comments like, "If you were smaller, you could wear this and it would be fine."

"I've also seen skinny, smaller girls walking around in leggings every week and never, ever getting caught for it," says Kate Green, a seventh-grader at Haven who concedes that she probably fits that category herself. She's had warnings, she said, but never more than that, when other girls have had to put their gym shorts over their outfits if they're in dress code violation.

Parents Kevin and Juliet Bond wrote an open letter to the district after their 13-year-old daughter Lilly sensed unfairness and asked them to address it.

"It's not like these girls are dressing up like street corner gals, right? I mean, it's sweatshirts and comfy pants," says Juliet Bond, an author and professor of women's studies at a Chicago liberal arts college.

Members of the advisory board say the dress code policy will be reviewed for the next school year. The key, school board member Suni Kartha said, would be to come up with a clear, consistent policy with as little "judgment" as possible.

View gallery FILE - This undated photo provided by Tween Brands in 2008 shows models wearing tights and leggings. …

"I don't think anybody ever had the intention for the policy to ever shame any of the students, but I understand that that's the effect," Kartha said.

There are those who argue that the best way to handle the dress code dilemma is to mandate uniforms, such as the blue pants and white shirts worn by Chicago Public Schools students.

"It puts everyone on the same playing field when they're at school," says Kitty Rotella, principal of St. Mark's Episcopal School, a private school for preschool through eighth grade in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. When her students have the occasional out-of-uniform day, she says, she feels like they're more distracted, even if there's no attire she deems inappropriate.

But others question the value of any strict codes.

"We were always pro dress code. Now I think, 'Is it really that important?'" says Jamie Renfro. She's the mother of third-grader Kamryn Renfro, who recently gained national attention when she decided to shave her head to support her 11-year-old friend Delaney Clements, who has cancer and lost her hair after chemotherapy.

After she shaved her head, 9-year-old Kamryn was suspended from her public charter school in Grand Junction, Colo. — though the school's board quickly reversed the decision.

View gallery In this 2014 photo provided by their families, Delaney Clements, 11, left, and Kamryn Renfro, 9, rig …

Now, because of her daughter's experience, Renfro says she catches herself paying attention at school events to dress code violations — earrings that might be too big, or a boy's hair that is longer than shoulder length.

"But does the length of the kids' hair necessarily affect them in the classroom?" she asks. "I really doubt it does."

Haley Bocanegra, a 17-year-old junior who attends high school in Riverside, Ill., regularly pushes the limits even further at her school, sometimes dressing like a boy, or wearing wigs and goggles for a "Steampunk" outfit, or a Japanese anime costume.

She says teachers usually have a harder time with it than her classmates.

"I'm paying attention in class. So why are you making a big deal about it?" the honors student asks, showing them the student handbook to prove she's not violating the code.

At least one former teacher who's now an expert in education law advises schools to continue to focus instead on safety — and to ignore students' unusual dress, if it's not disruptive or disrespectful in some way.

Beyond that, Nancy Hablutzel, a professor of education at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, says consistency is important.

"But," she says, "so is common sense."



Haven Middle School: http://haven.district65.net


Martha Irvine can be reached at mirvine@ap.org or at http://twitter.com/irvineap

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nike At most big colleges, the football teams have recently played their spring games and concluded their practices until summer camp. At Nike Golf, college football is still very much on everyone's minds.

nike lebron shoes That's because the company used college football as the inspiration for its latest creation -- a matte-black edition of its flagship VRS Covert 2.0 driver.

nike outlet online Sports teams often incorporate black into uniforms for a big rivalry game or season opener, Nike Golf says, adding that black is a color traditionally associated with power, strength and sophistication. The concept, the company notes, is especially popular in college football, where matte-tinted helmets have become all the rage.

nike shox "The Covert 2.0 Matte Black Edition driver offers a unique, limited-edition design combined with Nike's high-speed cavity back technology," said Nike Golf Global Golf Club Business Director Rob Arluna. "The black matte finish on the head provides a sleek, modern aesthetic and eliminates glare. The black grip and shaft give the driver a stealth, covert look."

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cheap nike shoes This limited-edition innovation features a black Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grip, Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black shaft and, of course, a matte black club head -- a design element specifically modeled after matte black college football helmets.

Nike's High-Speed Cavity Back technology redistributes weight to the heel and toe to improve distance and stability across the face. The driver also features Fly-Brace technology that ties the sole to the crown, stiffening the rear portion of the club and transferring more energy to the face at impact.

The new driver also boasts two additional proprietary technologies: A larger, re-engineered NexCOR face for increased ball speed and distance, and FlexLoft adjustability, which allows golfers to easily customize loft and face angle positions for 15 drivers in one.

The Covert 2.0 Matte Black Edition driver will be available on Nike.com and at select retailers on May 15. It will come as a right-handed model only, and carries a street price of $299.

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Oil Kings knock off Tigers; face Winterhawks in WHL final By Kelly Friesen

Posts Website By Kelly Friesen | Buzzing The Net  –  2 hours 31 minutes ago

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the north face jackets Lazar's Oil Kings are off to the final. (Marissa Baecker, Getty Images) The Edmonton Oil Kings are living proof that history does indeed repeat itself. They are headed to the Western Hockey League final to face the Portland Winterhawks for the third year in a row.

The Oil Kings ensured their ticket to the final with a 4-3 win over the Medicine Hat Tigers in the Game 5 affair on Saturday. Similar to the first four games of the series, the Oil Kings noticeably outworked the Tigers. They dominated in puck possession and outshot their Alberta rival 52-19.

The series ultimately went as expected with Edmonton’s clear-cut edge in talent, depth and size just being too much for Medicine Hat to handle. Not to mention, the Oil Kings came into the matchup with more energy because their previous two series combined for nine games while the Tigers played 13 contests.

Several Oil Kings shone, but 18-year-old winger Brett Pollock’s showing stood out the most because of how he ended the series. The 18-year-old winger, who’s ranked 34 th among North American skaters by NHL Central Scouting Service , scored two goals and one assist in each of the last two games.

girls north face jackets Pollock, a second-year forward from Sherwood Park who did not dress for any games during the 2013 playoffs, now leads Edmonton with 10 goals in the post-season, and is tied alongside Curtis Lazar with a team-high 17 points. He scored five goals in five games against Brandon, potting the difference-maker in three of Edmonton’s four wins.

the north face “We challenged him going into the playoffs to play a little bit of a heavier game and he’s really stepped forward with that,” Oil Kings coach Derek Laxdal said of Pollock, who recorded 25 goals and 30 assists during the season. “He had a great regular season and he’s continuing that in the playoffs … he’s really taken some steps in our game and we’re going to need him if we’re going to beat Portland.” ( Edmonton Sun)

Besides Game 1, where all of the Tigers were deflated because they finished their seven-game series against the Kootenay Ice two days before, Phoenix Coyotes prospect Marek Langhamer was Medicine Hat’s best player. The Czech Republic native kept them in every game with several crucial saves despite the 172-96 shot differential throughout the four matches.

Tigers 18-year-old winger Chad Butcher deserves a mention for noticeably pulling up his socks in the second season. In addition to playing with high energy, he notched five goals in 18 playoff games following scoring six in 63 regular-season contests.

The Oil Kings’ road to the final wasn’t a cakewalk; however, they were never pushed to their limit. They without a doubt outmatched their first three opponents as they knocked off the Prince Albert Raiders in a sweep and the Brandon Wheat Kings and Tigers in five games. This trend will be undoubtedly broken in the league final.

Oil Kings vs. Winterhawks

Somewhat similar to last year, Edmonton is heading into the final as the underdog against Portland. The Winterhawks were the better team in the regular-season and confirmed how good they really are in their last series by beating out the powerhouse Kelowna Rockets in five contests.

Even though Ottawa Senators first-rounder Curtis Lazar is arguably the top all-around forward in the series, the Winterhawks clearly have the better offensive arsenal. Look no further than the stats for proof of this. Winnipeg Jets second-rounder Nicolas Petan (35 goals, 113 points), Columbus Blue Jackets prospect Oliver Bjorkstrand (50 goals, 109 points) and Nashville Predators prospect Brendan Leipsic (39 goals, 91 points) scored north of 90 points. In addition, NHL draft prospect Chase De Leo (39 goals, 81 points), Philadelphia Flyers prospect Taylor Leier (37 goals, 79 points) and Pittsburgh Penguins first-rounder Derrick Pouliot (17 goals, 70 points) potted 70 points or better. The Oil Kings only had two players – Coyotes first-rounder Henrik Samuelsson (35 goals, 95 points) and Lazar (41 goals, 76 points) – that went over the 70-point mark.

With two top 10 NHL draft picks – Pouliot and Minnesota Wild prospect Matt Dumba – it’s pretty hard to bet against the Winterhawks’ back end. Not to mention, Vancouver Canucks prospect Anton Cederholm and overage Garrett Haar are as solid of a second defensive pairing as the Dub has to offer. But in the Oil Kings’ defence, New York Islanders first-rounder Griffin Reinhart is the top shutdown defenceman in the league. Colorado Avalanche prospect Cody Corbett and NHL draft prospect Dysin Mayo are extremely slick puck-moving blueliners, too.

Penguins prospect Tristan Jarry is Edmonton’s lone advantage among the three positions. The 6-foot-2, 180-pounder, who justifiably was nominated for the Eastern Conference’s top goalie, has been rock solid in the second season, maintaining a 1.86 average and .928 save percentage in 14 games. The Winterhawks, meanwhile, have some uncertainty in between the pipes. They went with overager Corbin Boes in their last three playoff games against the Rockets after regular-season starter Brendan Burke let in some questionable goals. Boes stood stall with a 1.86 average and .929 save percentage, but it’s possible that GM-head coach Mike Johnston might give Burke a second chance. Either way, Jarry is the best bet in the blue paint.

Kelly Friesen is a Buzzing the Net columnist for Yahoo! Sports. Follow him on Twitter @KellyFriesen

Pagination Previous Armada’s Sanche scores OT winner for 3-2 lead over top-seeded Drakkar: Friday’s 3 Stars
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Tiffany obtains permanent injunction, large award against counterfeiters October 31, 2013 9:02 AM 0 shares Content preferences Done

Tiffany & Co announced that the U.S. tiffany District Court for the Southern District of Florida has issued a final default judgment and permanent injunction in Tiffany’s favor, awarding Tiffany $2.176M in aggregate statutory damages against 78 defendants operating infringing websites selling counterfeit TIFFANY & CO. tiffany outlet online jewelry. tiffany & co The 78 defendants were engaged in the sale of counterfeit TIFFANY & CO. cheap tiffany & co goods via websites which also infringed Tiffany’s trademarks. tiffany silver The judgment further requires that the website operators’ infringing domain names be transferred to Tiffany.

Southern District of Florida
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Pandora Hits a New 52-Week High By Zacks Equity Research November 18, 2013 11:20 AM 0 shares Content preferences Done

Shares of Pandora Media Inc ( P ) reached a new 52-week high of $31.94 on Friday, Nov 15, 2013. pandora The bullish run reflects Pandora’s impressive second quarter results, improving monetization and steady market share despite significant competition particularly from Apple ( AAPL ) . pandora cheap outlet The closing price of Pandora on Nov 15 was $31.56, representing a strong one-year return of about 320.2% and a year-to-date return of about 232.6%. discount pandora charms The S&P 500 jumped 29.7% and 23.0%, respectively during the same period. pandora outlet online Pandora delivered a positive earnings surprise of 150.0% over the past four quarters. pandora silver This Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) stock has a market cap of $5.97 billion and long-term expected earnings growth rate of 40.0%. pandora jewelry sale Key Growth Catalysts Pandora reported an impressive second quarter of fiscal 2014. Although the company reported loss of 2 cents per share (in line with the Zacks Consensus Estimate and flat year-over-year), revenues surged 58.0% from the year-ago quarter to $162.0 million. Mobile revenues surged 92.0% from the year-ago quarter to $116.0 million. Improving monetization as evident from a 31.8% year-over-year jump in total advertising revenue per thousand listener hours (ad RPMs) aided results in the quarter. Moreover, listener hours improved 18.0% year over year to 3.88 billion in the quarter. Active users jumped 30.0% to 71.2 million at the end of the quarter. Although its active listener base continues to decline on a month-over-month basis, we believe that Pandora’s already popular service, driven by its effective discovery engine and well established infrastructure, places it well to compete against the likes of Apple, Spotify, Google ( GOOG ) and Sirius XM ( SIRI ) . Additionally, Pandora raised approximately $400.0 million from its stock offering in September, which it expects to use for domestic and international expansion as well as for strategic acquisitions. However, rising costs related to licensing will remain a headwind in the near term. Estimate Revision The Zacks Consensus Estimate for the third quarter remained steady at earnings of a penny over the past 30 days. For fiscal 2014, the estimate has remained unchanged at a loss of 16 cents over the past 30 days. For fiscal 2015, the earnings estimate has plunged 40.0% (2 cents) to 3 cents per share over the same period.

Read the Full Research Report on GOOG Read the Full Research Report on AAPL Read the Full Research Report on SIRI Read the Full Research Report on P Zacks Investment Research

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Confined spaces By Aref Omar | aref@ 0 comments Open ended and abstract, the one-woman apocalyptic Walls surely tested the patience of its audience, writes Aref Omar

hermes WHAT remains when you are the last person on Earth? That’s the question put forth by the latest production from Five Arts Centre, titled Walls.

hermes bags online shop The experimental play follows the journey of an unnamed female protagonist who, during a vacation in Janda Baik with her husband, suddenly finds herself alone and boxed in when a transparent wall mysteriously appears. Based on the 2012 German film, The Wall, which in turn was an adaptation of Austrian author Marlen Haushofer’s 1963 dystopian novel of the same name, the female lead then struggled to survive and make sense of her bizarre and restrictive circumstance.

hermes handbags outlet The localised setting had Mislina Mustaffa diving ecstatically into the role playing the confused city dwelling woman who is initially a fish out of water. Having to relinquish her material ways, her rants of being unfortunate enough to get stuck in a secluded area rather than in Pavilion or KLCC — to feed her obsession, in particular, with Birkin bags — were hilarious.

ermes outlet online shop With her tech gadgets unusable and no help arriving, she rethinks her situation and slowly learns to carry on by living off her supplies, the fruits and animals of the surrounding forest and her garden — this after much exploration of her contained environment.

birkin handbags Her only companions were a cow and her husband’s loyal dog, played to quirky effect by Chi Too, who also portrayed her husband before the advent of the wall’s appearance and in flashbacks.

discount hermes bags It’s during the snippets of her introspective memories that the audience get a glimpse of the lone woman’s life.

From her frustrated feelings of being married to her fervent activist husband (they met at a rally) to her identity crisis and religious ruminations (since he’s also a Chinese Muslim convert), many of the issues highlighted seemed as confining and analogically boxed in as the situation she was in.

Staged in Publika’s Black Box, the wide performance area was dressed in grey plastic sheets — wrapped around props, cut up and lined in various ways — to portray the environment, from her abode to the hill side and foliage area. Much of the play’s 90-minute duration were taken up by scenes, set at a glacial pace, which concerned her wandering around the confined space, discovering the boundaries of the strange wall and her failed attempts at trying to find a way out.

Many things were left unexplained in this play. Who created the mysterious wall and how is it sustained? And those are just the obvious questions.

But perhaps directors Hari Azizan and Wong Tay Sy should have shortened the physical wanderings for more meaty monologues from the lead or conversations with her missing husband to really flesh her out to the audience — the best parts of the play were the revealing dialogue sessions, after all.

Towards the end a person suddenly appears only to kill her dog and cow before she shoots the intruder dead with a rifle she had found earlier during her excursions of discovery.

Stripped of the confining checklist of boxes that defined her prior to her strange predicament and with a sense of acceptance, by the end she seemed to have found the courage to make the best of things with optimistic grit — while the audience was left wondering about her impending fate with no answer in sight.

Walls is the kind of play that presents a little nibble of things and leaves it to the audience to figure out and formulate for themselves what the unexplained events really mean or represent. From that perspective it provided much food for thought and reflective discussion but those with a shorter attention span might just wander off into their own spaces, confined or not.

Walls When: Today (8.30pm) and tomorrow (3pm) Where: Black Box@MAPKL, Level G2-01, Block A5, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur Admission: RM55 and RM25 (students and senior citizens) Call 016-6892 485 or visit www.kakiseni.com/events/walls/

Mislina (left) and Chi in a scene from Walls.

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